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Tuesday, October 19


adhikaar mera tum per na priye !!

unmukt pawan si ithlaati,
balkhaati chalti aati ho,
kuch jaani si, kuch anjaani,
khushbooen anekon laati ho.
chapper mera hai ud jata,
ghar uthal puthal ho jata hai,
ek mast hawa ke jhonke si,
tum pal me gum ho jaati ho.

adhikaar mera tum per na priye !!

jeewan ki kaali raaton me
chanchal chapla drut daamini si,
manas per chaati ho mere,
sab aalokit ker jaati ho.
tan dagdh hua jata mera,
man bhi swaha ho jata hai,
tum jyon agni ki lapak ek,
choone ko gagan ud jaati ho.

adhikaar mera tum per na priye !!

jo abhi dikha na hai poora,
voh swapan ho mere nayanon ka,
jisme main rang bhara karta,
ho chitra adhoora jeewan ka.
yoon raaten vyarth kiya karta,
main sapne bunta rahta hoon,
tum mujhe akela chod,
som ke sang ast ho jaati ho.

adhikaar mera tum per na priye !!

man me hai mere aakulta,
ki pranay nivedan karoon kabhi,
baahon me tumko baandh,
adhron per rakh doon apne adhar sakhi.
Man taane baane bunta hai,
kaise mutthi me ret bharoon,
bankim nayno ke teer chala,
tum hriday videeran ker jaati ho.

adhikaar mera tum per na priye !!

per prashn ek fir aata hai,
kyon bandhan me tumko baandhoon?
apne sapno ka bojh,
tumhaare kandhon per main kyon laadoon?
kyon na apni shakti tauloon,
aur main bhi tere saath udoon?
vichroon van upvan nagar desh,
tum jahan jahan bhi jaati ho.

adhikaar mera tum per na priye !!

written by: abhaga

Those who have seen "Navrang" by V Shantaram might be able to better understand it. Everytime I have seen that movie, I have loved it and not only because of the wonderful music and excellent craftsmanship of VS but because I can really identify with the lead character of the movie in all that he does and feels except for one thing. I feel the root cause of all his misery was that he wanted to keep his Mohini whereas he should have known to let go. When u create a bird, u let it fly and not tie it down to a cage. It is that modified version of Navrang that I have tried to express in this poem.

Friday, October 8

The Brain and the Brawn

Recently there has been a lot of commotion and ugly situations at my alma-mater which is actually nothing new considering the last 3 years. However the ever increasing stupidity of the situation is definitely remarkable.
As expected, the incident has been evoking a lot of reaction in the alumni too. A lot has been said and it is interesting to see the sharp contrast that is evident in the standpoints of alumni and current junta. For a background on the incident, you can refer to: Life is beautiful
Here is my take on the issue. There are two powers at the disposal of the man that he uses for foraying through this world, namely brain and brawn and although the human history is a live example of superiority of the first one, both have their own use at times. The recent fiasco can be attributed to the extremely bad judgement on part of IIT junta about when to use what.
The incident started when some PEC guys, showing the utter lack of most uncommon sense, resorted to hockey sticks for trying to punish a IIT guy who was hooting their female basketball team (On a lighter note, it had to be the female team as the history tells us.). IITK junta decides to use their brains and stay away from the dangerous hockeys forgetting in the process that the only time when they could have used brawn and get away with it was that point of time. Next when it was time to use their brains, they decide to be macho and go to Hall 3 TV room and vandalize the luggage of visitors. And after that point of time, I don't know what they start doing and somehow reached the conclusion that getting a resignation from DOSA will do the trick (I can imagine precisely why and how it happened but that is not relevant here). They go about staging a dharna and even saying some utterly inappropriate things about the Dean and make him offer his resignation (please note: only offer his resignation which even a fool can see won't be accepted. Of course I may have to eat my words in near future). They consider this to be their victory and the show of the unity. Let me point out what they showed in the whole episode:
1. I know the kind of hooting they must be doing. I have done it myself in precisely the same situation (IITK and IIT KGP female basketball match) and I know how bad it is. I enjoyed it but it is wrong and u can't argue about it.
2. By not saving their own guys, they showed they are cowards.
3. By ransacking the visitors' luggage, they showed they don't have any sense of right or wrong.
4. By trying to get the resignation of DOSA, they showed they are not even able to think straight (Did anybody gave even a little though to the kind of repercussions this will have?).
5. By making comments again Sesha, they showed they have no decency left.

If they really wanted to show unity, they should have settled the matter in the BB court itself. If they didn't (or couldn't), they should have asked Panda to send PEC back and should have blacklisted them from all the future festivals and should have asked the administration to send a complaint to PEC otherwise everyone of IITK sports team should have refused to play and volunteers should have refused to work. That is what is unity and it takes real hard work to get that. Not that u collect 100 guys many of which just want to have fun and do some toda fodi and go to Hall 3.
I have read so many junta saying that PEC did this, they did that. But does it really matter? I don't care what they did and how they are. I don't give a damn. I look at my junta. What they are and what did they do. People generally take one of the two extreme positions. One side will say that we should not go down to the level of street urchins if they start pelting stones at us. Others say we should teach them a lesson. I say that u should not dive down to their levels but should also make them realize that if they dare to pelt stones at us, they gonna pay for it. And for this, u don't have to beat them. This shows in the way u carry urself, it shows in ur confidence.
And just sticking together is not unity. Even a glob of meshed potatoes sticks together but breaks wherever the pressure comes. If u want to feel the power of unity, stick together like a wall.
And next time settle the street brawl on the street itself. Don't bring it home.

Saturday, October 2

Some hairy issues

I wrote this yesterday, I posted this yesterday, I lost it yesterday. But love's labour is never lost and so as the battle lines are redrawn every morning, here's to those who fell and here's to those who stand.
A bad hair day is a bad day that starts with hair problems. Since now a days most of my days start with hair problems, it was only a matter of time that one of them qualified as a bad hair day. But on account of the good food that I had today and the good news that I received today, I guess I would settle for a "Not so good hair day".
Having been on the wrong side of the line in case of hair lose for a long time now, I had almost forgotten the taste of panic and anxiety that sets in when you first see that white streak or when the trips to head for a flip to hairs starts returning a handful. It is something with which you learn to live just like the rate of inflation. However, recently, this rate of inflation has been reminding me of the state of Germany after WW II where inflation was so high that the buying capacity of the ppl at the front and at the end of a queue differed measurably. On the same lines, I think if I click myself in the morning and in the evening, I can almost make out the difference in hair quantity. I hope my parents who are visiting me next month listen to their heart and not to their eyes !!
And to add insult to the injury, recently Parachute launched their new ad campaign for Sampoorna hair oil. Now I have something for these narrative kind of ads and this one being one of the best in the genre, hit me where it hurts the most. On one of my recent visits to a store, I surprised even myself by trying to dump my old hair oil and going for Sampoorna but it is at such critical moments of the life that "Fight Club" and "Tyler Durden" come handy and I was saved !!
An interesting question came up recently while attending a support group meeting of fellow victims. How much or what percentage of hair must a person lose before qualifying as a ganja? Please send in your answers, comments and any suggestion for stopping the natural deforestation of my skull as soon as possible. Of course, animal right activist have nothing of interest here !!
And as one of the more well known ganja's around likes to put it:
"God made only few perfect heads. Rest he covered with hairs."
-- Anupam Kher (courtesy Akshaya Kumar )

Friday, October 1

Some Updates

Currently working on: Handwriting Technologies
Currently Reading: Mahadevi Verma "Path Ke Saathi"
Currently Listening to: Abida Parveen "Amir Khusro"
Currently watching (TV): Kasuati Jindagi Ki, Sanjivani, Kahaani Ghar Ghar ki, Des me nikala hoga chand, CNBC The Challenge, Ripley's Believe it or not, The History Channel
Recently Watched (for the first time): The Wedding Planner, Samay, Dhoom, Terminal, Phir Milenge and one half each of Erin Brockowich(first half) and Training Day (second half)
Recently been to: Bangalore Book Festival
Recently eat for the first time: Chetinadu Dishes, Baser Beli Bath (Suggestion for other Southern delicacies welcome)
Blogs I manage to go through: Jaya, Handa, Alpha, Diwaker, PSD, Manish and Gosling
Websites I still manage to frequent: /.
Jobs wish list: Google, RJ on Radio City

More personal kind of updates are available on personal request ;)