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Saturday, November 27

When words fail !!

Caught this in today's edition of Bangalore Times:

when desires have no descriptions,
longings possess no definations,
expectations refuse fulfillment,
questions seek no answers,
wounds cease to give pain,
path decides to go nowhere,
what consolation can the words offer?

-- Milind Nayak

Friday, November 26

RelationShips: How to build one that won't sink ! - I

Relationships are really confusing things as any high school student studying Set Theroy will testify. However if he would have even the faintest idea as to what lies ahead, he might have other ideas.
Relationships are strange entities. They attract us and they scare us. They bind us and then free us in most wonderful ways. They can make our life worth living but they can also make it a living hell. And no matter, how much we may try, it is difficult to write down a formula for a perfect one.
But since we can't just slip through life without worrying about them, it is worthwhile to think about what makes them tick. To be more precise, let's talk about men-women relationships (My apologies for the inherent bias but I don't think alternate sexualities contribute much to my readership).
Most of the people have this notion of a perfect partner, a prince who will swap her off her feet or the sweet lady who will just take away all his pain with just a touch. We search for the person who will make us feel right at home with himself/herself. We want to be loved by somebody but does this criteria makes for a strong relationship? I think not.
I think the best relationships are formed between people who can treat each other as they want to treat their ideal partners. If u dig ur heart carefully, along side the list of things that u would like ur partner to do for u, u will find a list of things that u would like to do for him. We tend to forget this list and this is what leads to disappointments. A stable and happy relationship is formed when u match this second and neglected list with ur partner.
There is another straight forward way of looking at the above convoluted argument. A relationship works when u are into it without selfishness. A relationship is about giving and not getting. Of course it is tough to get rid of all the expectations but the less expectations u have, more wonderful and exciting would the journey be :)
So if I may borrow something from JFK, "Ask not what the other person can do for u, ask what u can do for him." for "You can never make somebody your friend. You can only be somebody's friend."

Here is a quote from a movie I watched yesterday:
"When you send somebody to save the world, make sure he likes it the way it is now."

Wednesday, November 24

Naach: The Choreography of Life

Its been over a month since I have written anything here. There are reasons for that but generally they are so silly that they are not worth your consideration, dear reader. And now after a month, I feel a little ashamed in putting up yet another placeholder post, just listing out what all tid bits have been happening in my life. It would hardly be worth your time. So I won't do that. No updates on my life in this post but only a little info which I think is very important. I have started taking Dr. Batra's treatment for hair loss !! Yes , ladies and gentlemen, me have finally fallen prey to the monster.

Anyway if you remember, long time ago but not in very distant past, I promised to write something called "The Bangalore Chronicles" that was supposed to be.. well, something interesting. And if you could see my life from where I am seeing it, you would have agreed whole heartedly to the date when the first chapter should end and the second begin. I am not so sure about the chapters names which according to me would be "Two to tango" and "Three Musketeers". If u get the theme, send me any more suggestions. I promise to take complete note of them before rejecting :).

Well that is all the progress that I have made on the Chronicles so far. Hope you are thoroughly disappointed because if u are not, I don't know what I have to do to disappoint you. Not that I want to but still I wonder..

Let me finish off with something good. I recently bought Choreography, the new album from Vanessa Mae and it is amazing. I am still absorbing it but at the moment, The Sabre Dance and Raga's Dance seem to be my favs. Go get it if u are into instrumentals and I promise u won't be disappointed because unlike me, Venessa Mae delivers :)

And yes, I watched Naach. Only advice, if u want to see it, don't watch it on CD. The whole movie is shot in closeups and most of the time u would either be staring at a blank screen or at two half faces.