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Technical Goals for 2011: Mid Year Review

Although we are already 2 months past the middle of the year, I decided to do a "mid year" review of my technical goals for this year to see how am I doing. Here we go: HAML, SAAS & Coffeescript: No progress :(SproutCore & BackBone.js: After a cursory look, I decided to explore Backbone.js for our upcoming project at Still getting a feel of it.Learn Haskell: DeferredGit: Since Drupal moved to Git, it is hard to ignore it and I am beginning to get familiar with it. But given that we use trac, I don't think we will be leaving SVN anytime soon.Android: No progressSQL: Finally starting to dig into this. Not a very planned effort but in 6 months managed to understand few more nut and bolts of Mysql. Ran a few Explains finally :). Learnt to generate slow queries log and also managed to fix some obnoxious queries sitting in Ubercart.Beautiful Code: I realized that "finishing" beautiful code is not the right way to approach it. I read it one …