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Tuesday, October 19


adhikaar mera tum per na priye !!

unmukt pawan si ithlaati,
balkhaati chalti aati ho,
kuch jaani si, kuch anjaani,
khushbooen anekon laati ho.
chapper mera hai ud jata,
ghar uthal puthal ho jata hai,
ek mast hawa ke jhonke si,
tum pal me gum ho jaati ho.

adhikaar mera tum per na priye !!

jeewan ki kaali raaton me
chanchal chapla drut daamini si,
manas per chaati ho mere,
sab aalokit ker jaati ho.
tan dagdh hua jata mera,
man bhi swaha ho jata hai,
tum jyon agni ki lapak ek,
choone ko gagan ud jaati ho.

adhikaar mera tum per na priye !!

jo abhi dikha na hai poora,
voh swapan ho mere nayanon ka,
jisme main rang bhara karta,
ho chitra adhoora jeewan ka.
yoon raaten vyarth kiya karta,
main sapne bunta rahta hoon,
tum mujhe akela chod,
som ke sang ast ho jaati ho.

adhikaar mera tum per na priye !!

man me hai mere aakulta,
ki pranay nivedan karoon kabhi,
baahon me tumko baandh,
adhron per rakh doon apne adhar sakhi.
Man taane baane bunta hai,
kaise mutthi me ret bharoon,
bankim nayno ke teer chala,
tum hriday videeran ker jaati ho.

adhikaar mera tum per na priye !!

per prashn ek fir aata hai,
kyon bandhan me tumko baandhoon?
apne sapno ka bojh,
tumhaare kandhon per main kyon laadoon?
kyon na apni shakti tauloon,
aur main bhi tere saath udoon?
vichroon van upvan nagar desh,
tum jahan jahan bhi jaati ho.

adhikaar mera tum per na priye !!

written by: abhaga

Those who have seen "Navrang" by V Shantaram might be able to better understand it. Everytime I have seen that movie, I have loved it and not only because of the wonderful music and excellent craftsmanship of VS but because I can really identify with the lead character of the movie in all that he does and feels except for one thing. I feel the root cause of all his misery was that he wanted to keep his Mohini whereas he should have known to let go. When u create a bird, u let it fly and not tie it down to a cage. It is that modified version of Navrang that I have tried to express in this poem.


Braveheart said...

Oh man! Superb poem. Fits on you pretty well of course!
But wait a minute! Dont tell me u wrote it yourself! Did ya?


Chicken Mughlai said...

awwwww cho chaad
Looks like someone saw someone.... hmmm
didn't know she was in bangalore....

abhaya said...

CM: Do me a favour, keep it zipped !! Don't spill the beans plz :)

Amit Pratap said...


kya sahi main ye kavita tumne likhi hai. I feel like reading Jayashankar Prasad :)
Congrates for such a great start ..

Jitendra Chaudhary said...

हैलो अभय,
तुम हिन्दी मे क्यो नही लिखते,
यह बहुत आसान है, ज्यादा जानकारी के लिये मेरे ब्लाग पर जाओ.

यहाँ पर तुमको बहुत से दूसरे हिन्दी ब्लागर्स से भी परिचय हो जायेगा.

Kabira said...

now I feel this to be more suitable for a zakhmi abhaga. For namesake its from Bacchan.

Mela Jitna Bhadhkeela, rang rangeela Tha,
Maanas ke andar utni hi kamjori thi,
Jitna jyada sanchit kerne ki khwahish thi,
utni hi chhoti apne kar ki jholi thi |
Ab mujhse poochha jaata hai kya batlaaon,
Kya maan akinchan bikhraata path per aaya,
woh kaun ratan anmol mila aisa mujhko,
Jis per apna mann praan nichhawar ker aaya,
yeh thii taqdeeri baat mujhe gun dosh na doo
Jisko samjha tha sona, wah mitti nikli,
Jisko samjha tha aanshu, wah moti nikla |
Jeevan ki aapadhapi mein kab waqt mila
kuch der kahin per baith kabhi yeh sooch sakoon,
Jo kiya, kaha, mana usme kya bura bhala |

kabira at

Jaya said...

I beg to differ Kabira. "Jeevan kee aapaa-dhaapi mein" is the expression of a tired, confused person (its not intended to be a judgement on the quality of poem/poet, Bachchan is my favourite and this particular poem is also superb with respect to what it wants to express!). "Adhikaar" is, on the contrary, a sign of clear-headedness and strength!

abhaya said...

APS: start? Tumse aisi umeed nahi thi. What about all the great pieces I have sent on ftop times in years ;)

JC: I checked out ur blog. Its a really nice to see hindi on web. I used to write in hindi earlier but it is difficult to get all the required s/w components in the company, so I am forced to write in roman.

Kabira: thanks for the excellent poem. I hadn't read it before.

Jaya: I managed to watch Navrang once more this weekend :P

Jaya said...

Nice to see you alive!

A friend at IITK has managed to get Navrang for me; now its just a question of another trip of mine or someone from there! So, it won't be long till you stop boasting. :-)

Une Femme Folle said...

wow!! i know people must have told you this umpteen times already, but you write beautifully, amazingly and soooo touchingly.. honest!! cant stop gushing!

Chaitanya said...

Dear abhaya,
well you don't know me and neither do I know you.Where were you people? why didn't you come 3-4 years before @ IITK? Your peom Adhikar is very nice and sweet.It is a very nicely worded and musical poem.Any girl would like to give her Heart after reading this.Be full of this sweet love and music and intelligence.May God bless you.

adi said...

Hey abhaya,
wah. Hummey nahin pata tha ki tum itne aache shayar ho. Like someone else said तुम हिन्दी में कुयो नही लिखते। Not so hard after all. पर important चीज़ है कि who is this, जिसका नाम तुम नहीं बता रहे हो, जिसपर तुमहारा अधिकार नहीं हैं।

हैरान adi, (वोह तो आच्छा हैं कि आज मुझे कोई काम नही था, नही तो यह राज़ ही रह जाता)

उन्मुक्त said...

आप हिन्दी (देवनागरी) में क्यों नहीं लिखते?

Old Hindi Songs said...

Very well, very well.....

Your blog is nice