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Thursday, July 15

Clock Ticks Life Away !!

Out of time and out of space,
acting it out on the life's stage.
Don't know the story, do I even know the

Out of time and out of space,
searching for a familiar face.
Not a drop to drink in the ocean,

Out of time and out of space,
blinded by a maddening rage.
The paths unknown and I am running

Out of time and out of space,
trying to win the endless race,
of making future,

Out of Time and out of space,
fate staring me hard in the face.
The pace of life has outdone me,
at last!


Ravi Handa said...

I am no good at commenting on poetry so I would just say,

abhaya said...

humm.. I would take it as a compliment then :P

Amit Goel said...


cheesey chopstix said...

hey arunima! nice one indeed!

abhaya said...

thanks amit and chopsy, don't u think something is wrong :P

cheesey chopstix said...

ghor mistake indeed.... had sod all to do in the office today at lunch so i was checking out every one of handa's recommended blogs...
im sorry!!!!
but the poem is fab!

cheesey chopstix said...

ps: cringe

abhaya said...

chopsy: never mind :). Glad that u liked it.

Arunima said...

time- I need you more than you need me.