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The following comes form the stint at live journal. What do u do when everything seems to be fitting right in place except you? Do u fight or do u succumb? What do u do when everybody around u is being so nice that u begin to feel like a high head? Time to adjust the perspective or time to introspect? Just where do u draw the line? just when u start looking in ur own self? And do these answers come from within or I have to be more attentive? And on a side note: Tonic is really tonic. I just love "If u could only see". Check it out !!
okey, so this needs to be announced to the world. The celebrated physicist Stephan Hawking is also a gangasta rapper and has 3 studio albums to his credit !! The band is known as MCHawking and is not at all proper for kids :P. Okey well it is a hoax but u have to have a look at MCHawking just for the sheer amount of the work that has been put into it and for the fact that I actually believed it at first :(
Man gets tired spirit don't Man surrenders spirit won't Man crawls spirit flies Spirit lives when man dies Man seems spirit is Man dreams the spirit lives Man is tethered spirit free What spirit is man can be -- "Spirit" by WaterBoys Lovely lyrics though I was not that impressed with the song but will sure check out more of them.
So I am back after a long time. Had a brief stint of blogging at live journal but the lure of 1 GB has brought me back to this realm of comment less blogging. Not that I got any comments at livejournal anyway but still :) So life has changed much in the past 4 months or rather it has not changed at all as it was expected to be. I am still trying to be sane through this all. BTW, Hobbit, though it took long, is finally done and I am midway in Prisoner of Azkaban. In the meantime, I had a go at the short stories by Aacharya Chatur Sen Shastri and now I have become a ardent fan of the man. A great Scholar and lovely writer though u may at times feel bogged down with the amount of information he hurls at you most of which just flies in the face of things you must have learnt since childhood. So for starters, short stories are recommended. BTW, they are generally about the old rajas and riyasats and their honour and pride. So now u know what are u looking for :) Music !! Well I guess