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Almost Goa !

After numerous plans, twists and turns that included a cancelled trip to home, over the last weekend, I found myself in Karwar, a costal town in northern Karnataka, barely 10 KM away from Goa. Unlike my other trips till now, this was pretty laid back. Out of the 3 days, 2 were spent in driving across Karnataka and only one in Karwar and along the way, we also caught up with the Asia's highest falls, Jog Falls, although there was little to call it a fall really. More about the trip later.

IITians turning a new leaf

Today I came to know about this . It is about 5 IITians who have gone ahead and launched a political party of their own. 2 of them happen to be my batchmates, people whom I have perhaps seen too closely to be able to visualize them in the bigger picture of politics. I am not even feeling like saying "Bravo !" or "Way to go !" or may be get inspired yes, but I would say "Best of Luck !. If that is where your calling is, go get it." Politics is something close to my heart. I like it for I think it is only way you can bring about change in the longer run. Anything, any activity that would reach the masses will tend to become politicized sooner or later. Efforts to curb those tendencies will only be able to take you so far. And so for any nobel effort to succeed, it is very important that the politics around it is in good shape. Now what does "politics being in good shape" means is another matter all together. May be we can discuss that some other


The conspicuous absence of any mention of books from the last post was on purpose. I got book tagged a while ago by Diwaker . Although given a choice, I would rather choose not to answer the dreadful questions being asked in the tag, I will go ahead and do it. May be as a way to make up for all the visits when you come here and find nothing new. The tag asks me for all the books that I read last year. But first a more interesting piece of trivia. How many books do you think I bought last year? I haven't counted but they will be over 50 any day, may be close to 60 which means one for almost every week. And how many did I read? Precisely 2. Now you know why I wanted to avoid the question. Anyway, now that the ghost is out of the bottle, I would follow it up with another one. It turns out that this lazy bum who cannot manage to post regularly even on one blog, actually has another blog where he writes about the books that he reads. Of course, since I read only 2 books this year, th

क्या भूलूं क्या याद करूं ?

Isn't it strange how the end of a calander year actually feels like as if something really ended and how we wait for the new year as if the next morning is going to be different, sun brighter, air fresher? And isn't it even stranger that we infact find them to be so? Year after year, we look back at our lives at the end of the year and try to measure what we achieved and what we lost. And we take resolution. We promise to ourselves that this time, this new chance that we have got, we will not screw it up and make the best of it. Sometimes I wonder wht will happen if there would be no years to end, no months to count, no hours to spend and no minutes to fill "with sixty seconds' worth of distance run"? A continuous stream of existance as opposed to the discrete life that we are used to ! When will we look back then? When will we start over? And does the answers to these questions change simple because somebody decided to measure our lives in seconds, minutes and ye

The New Beginning

New Year, new beginnings ! Thanks a lot to everybody who kept coming back and kept poking me :) Hope the coming year would bring you new aspirations and show you new ways. And that through all that you will keep coming here. पु्नरारंभ अस्तु , शुभारंभ अस्तु !! Image: 31st Dec, Pokkot Lake, Wayanad.