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वो जगते हैं, हम सोते हैं, वो सोते हैं , हम जगते हैं, अब सारे रात और दिन अपने, बस आंखों मे ही कटते हैं । क्यों हर लब है ख़ामोश यहां, हर आंख मे क्यों वीरानी सी, है आग कहां जज्बातों की, क्यों दिल ना यहां तड़पते हैं ? बचने को सवालों से जग के, आंखें सूखी ही रखते हैं, दो बूंद बहा लेते हैं बस, जब झूम के बादल फटते हैं । अपना आवारा दिल भी अबकी बार बड़ा संजीदा है, आये हो इतनी दूर कहो, घर वापस तो जा सकते हैं ? क्यों राह लगे पहचानी सी, क्यों हर आहट पर कान लगे? अब कहां अभागा यार यहां, हम किसकी राहें तकते हैं ?

The long last day !

One thing that I have always felt about the social circle I move in, is that it consists of almost everybody with similar backgrounds and similar career paths, more or less. Most of my friends have taken a engineering degree and most are working in a software company. The scarier thing is that a large percentage of them have MBA as the next goal in life. Even at home, between my and my brother-in-law's family , all 5 of us are in software industry. Perhaps that is the price one pays for studying in a engineering institute in the time of a booming software industry. While the elements of humanity subjects in the IIT curriculum try to mitigate the problem to some extent on an individual basis, it helps little in correcting the social situation. But the times are changing :). Not for the world but for me. As the time goes by, people around me have started to find life partners. And this is where things get interesting. On my last day in India, I get to meet baba and his fience, lon

I gotta..

.. be cool, relax, get hip, Get on my track's ! Distance moved is in thousands of miles and tens of hours but the heart has remained more or less in place, as have remained rest of my body parts. Watched the largest gathering of Indians for celebrating Independence Day in my last 7 years. The old cliche' of valuing what you have lost may be? But it was nice. Somehow made me felt better from the ironical situation of enrolling in the foreign university right on the independence day. But there is never a clean cut. Life is like cheese, no matter how sharp the knife is, something remains connected. Similar is the case for this blog. And so with the next post will come the memories of the last day spent in India, I couldn't have asked for a better one I guess ! Do tell me when you notice I have started to change. I might be too busy to notice !