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लम्बा शेर लिखोगे तो पछताओगे, सुनो 'अभागा' ट्वीट नहीं कर पाओगे। तेज़ हवा है, आग भड़कने वाली है, अंदर बाहर कहीं रहो जल जाओगे। पैने शब्दों की फसलों के मौसम में, हर ज़बान से लहू टपकता पाओगे। देशभक्ति के नए बने पैमाने पर, मुंह खोला तो तुम भी तौले जाओगे।


अंधश्रद्धा को बताया प्यार उसने, खेल जादू का दिखाया यार उसने। चाँद को देखा तभी एक कौर निगला, कर लिया यूँ उम्र का व्यापार उसने। साथ में भूखा रहा वो आदमी कल, नारी जाति का किया उद्धार उसने। वो बहू अच्छी रही होगी 'अभागा', सह लिया चुप रूढ़ियों का भार उसने।

Reading Translations

Sometime back on Twitter, in the course of a discussion on translations, someone mentioned that translations of foreign authors seem to find more favor with Indian readers as compared to translation of Indian authors from Indian languages. While many love writers like Orhan Pamuk (Turkish), Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Spanish), not the same favor is accorded to Indian writers. There is a certain disinterest towards them. As is the wont of every Twitter discussion, someone soon mentioned "colonized minds" and that was that. I'm not sure about the validity of original assertion, there are too many unverified assumptions here. How popular is Orphan Pamuk in India after all? But this discussion got me thinking about my own experience of reading translations. Do I have such a preference? I think I do. Despite the multitude of languages, there is an underlying cultural continuity across India. Irrespective of the language of the story, if it is set in India, if it is about Ind