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What better way to be back

than to introduce myself :). So here it goes: Three names you go by: 1. Abhaya 2. Abhaga 3. ashu Three screen names you have had: 1. abhaya_summer (yahoo) 2. mathabhaga (aim) 3. tohellwithname (indiatimes) Three physical things you like about yourself: Being known as a hetrosexual, I refuse to answer this :P Three physical things you don't like about yourself: 1. Moment of inertia 2. Uncertainity 3. mass Three parts of your heritage: 1. Desi lucknowi nawab :) 2. Hindi/urdu 3. Family Three things that scare you: 1. pain 2. appear to be selfish and double standard 3. there might be no afterlife Three of your everyday essentials: 1. emails,surfing 2. The Hindu/ TOI 3. plan to start reading all the books I have accumalated Three things that you are wearing right now: 1. pain in my index finger 2. a not-looking-happy look 3. a worry that TV repair costs too much Three things that you want in a relationship: 1. a girl (yes, I am discriminating on the basis of gender. Go, sue me