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NIST Machine Translation Workshop

I was in DC last week to attend the follow-up workshop on the shared task that consumed the better part of my first 2 months this year. It is quite humbling to go to such a conference. A lot of people in the room had contributed something very significant to the area of MT in last 10 years and it is a pleasure to see them discussing things with each other and talk about the direction of the field. The workshop had a rather competitive tinge to it with Google, Microsoft, BBN, IBM and other companies being there apart from many universities and everybody trying to win the bragging rights for next one year at least. What was funny however that most of the people doing MT at these places are relatively young and so most of them have worked together and published joint papers in last 4-5 years. I can count at least one joint paper between most pairs of companies. There were many advisor student pairs that are now in different competing companies. It is a nice little well knit community.

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O Destiny !

Who knew I would be playing 'Aashiq Banaya Aapne' ... again .. and again !

I want to shout out loud ...

..everytime I read another blog post trying to build a case for somebody for staying in US or returning back to India. Someday I will collect all of them and publish them in a book called "A Study in Denial: How our education system is making us all into ostriches". I have read one today (as if you could not have guessed) and fortunately I found something today which quite suits the occassion. Here you go : Fractal Wrongness Ok, so may be that was a little too harsh :-) but doing human evaluations of MT output can do that to you ! Powered by ScribeFire .