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Of poems and posts !

"Do you know I have some very beautiful poems floating in the air and if the Gods are kind I shall cast my soul like a net and capture them, this year." - Sarojini Naidu to Arthur Symons, 1904

Almost Goa !!!

So the next Morning started with a stroll down to the bridge which is near by. It is a bridge over the backwaters of river Kali. One side of the bridge you can see the Arabian sea and the 4-5 islands that house some beach resorts. It is a lovely place to be at sunsets. (I always used to think that Narmada and Tapti are only two rivers that meet Arabian sea. Looks like there are numerous.) Karwar beach is nice and shallow, perfect for water sports and we were lucky enough that a water sports camp by The Adventurers was going on. So we did kayacking and parasailing without burning a hole in our pockets. It was a nice experience considering my frequent rants about flying but it ended a little too soon :). Like last year, I managed to cook Gazar ka halwa on 26th evening this year also and took it on the trip. This used to be one of my favorite dishes back in the days of bliss. I don't know why but cooking it myself makes me feel very happy. It used to be such a event back then. Gra

Almost Goa !!

My usual 3 day trips from Bangalore have been tightly packed schedules that start on Thursday night and ends on Monday morning with 3 days of full activity. They have been pretty nice as trips but I guess there is a difference between taking a vacation and making a trip. And after this trip to Karwar, I can understand why people go to Goa for vacations and hardly for trips. It just won't be worth the effort I guess. So our journey started at 6:00 Am on Friday in the brand new Toyota Innova that our company has just bought. This was my first road trip across Karnataka in day light and it was really exciting to observe the landscape all around. All of us, in our childhood, have made those "sceneries" in the art class. Invariably all of them used to have hills in the background, a river coming down from them and a hut by the river. Sun was always just peaking from behind the hills just like the watches always show 10:10 in every ad. For most of us that was the b