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adhikaar mera tum per na priye !! unmukt pawan si ithlaati, balkhaati chalti aati ho, kuch jaani si, kuch anjaani, khushbooen anekon laati ho. chapper mera hai ud jata, ghar uthal puthal ho jata hai, ek mast hawa ke jhonke si, tum pal me gum ho jaati ho. adhikaar mera tum per na priye !! jeewan ki kaali raaton me chanchal chapla drut daamini si, manas per chaati ho mere, sab aalokit ker jaati ho. tan dagdh hua jata mera, man bhi swaha ho jata hai, tum jyon agni ki lapak ek, choone ko gagan ud jaati ho. adhikaar mera tum per na priye !! jo abhi dikha na hai poora, voh swapan ho mere nayanon ka, jisme main rang bhara karta, ho chitra adhoora jeewan ka. yoon raaten vyarth kiya karta, main sapne bunta rahta hoon, tum mujhe akela chod, som ke sang ast ho jaati ho. adhikaar mera tum per na priye !! man me hai mere aakulta, ki pranay nivedan karoon kabhi, baahon me tumko baandh, adhron per rakh doon apne adhar sakhi. Man taane baane bunta hai, kaise mutthi me ret bharoon

The Brain and the Brawn

Recently there has been a lot of commotion and ugly situations at my alma-mater which is actually nothing new considering the last 3 years. However the ever increasing stupidity of the situation is definitely remarkable. As expected, the incident has been evoking a lot of reaction in the alumni too. A lot has been said and it is interesting to see the sharp contrast that is evident in the standpoints of alumni and current junta. For a background on the incident, you can refer to: Life is beautiful Here is my take on the issue. There are two powers at the disposal of the man that he uses for foraying through this world, namely brain and brawn and although the human history is a live example of superiority of the first one, both have their own use at times. The recent fiasco can be attributed to the extremely bad judgement on part of IIT junta about when to use what. The incident started when some PEC guys, showing the utter lack of most uncommon sense, resorted to hockey sticks for t

Some hairy issues

I wrote this yesterday, I posted this yesterday, I lost it yesterday. But love's labour is never lost and so as the battle lines are redrawn every morning, here's to those who fell and here's to those who stand. --------------------------------------------------------------------- A bad hair day is a bad day that starts with hair problems. Since now a days most of my days start with hair problems, it was only a matter of time that one of them qualified as a bad hair day. But on account of the good food that I had today and the good news that I received today, I guess I would settle for a "Not so good hair day". Having been on the wrong side of the line in case of hair lose for a long time now, I had almost forgotten the taste of panic and anxiety that sets in when you first see that white streak or when the trips to head for a flip to hairs starts returning a handful. It is something with which you learn to live just like the rate of inflation. However, recently,

Some Updates

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