Things they do,

but I missed out on.

It is not everyday that bright sunlight starts ur day in Banglore and nothing better to lighten up the mood on a Sunday morning than the mild sun rays falling on ur face :) (I am sure many won't agree but every one to his own). Now mornings, a bright new day, lovely weather all indicate a new start but strangely enough it can also bring back old memories just as clearly. And so I thought may be I should make use of this day to write one last post about IIT before I start with "The Bangalore Chronicles". Yes ! that is what I am going to call my series of posts about life and everything in Bangalore. (Now don't frown at me. I am just trying to follow in the foot steps of J K Rowling :P)

Through the 4 years of life at IIT, I did a lot of things, many of which I never imagined I would do but as they say that there is no end to the human greed, I craved for more. Some of these were not under my control. At some of these I failed and for some, I never seemed to find time. May be the day should have been of 25 hours and months of 60 days for those 5 years. But since it would have sent all the outside world into disarray, it was not to happen and so I must console myself by only listing things that I wanted to do before leaving IIT and hope that at some point in future, I would be able to do them. So here it goes in the order in which I could think of them:

1. Wanted to learn to play Guitar/Drums
2. Wanted to learn at least one foreign language
3. wanted to kiss at least one girl
4. wanted to release at least one open source software
5. wanted to win one galaxy
6. wanted to climb on the top of "Sai ki Tanki"
7. wanted to fly joy rides in the glider club
8. wanted to sing on stage
9. wanted to spend one night inside GH after 12:00 in night (now don't get ideas. It is just one of those curiosities that u get about things that are forbidden :D)
10. wanted to win a programming contest (we always came 2nd and winners kept changing :( )
11. wanted to learn to solve cryptic crosswords
12. wanted to learn analytical number theory
13. wanted to learn to play tennis
14. wanted to do courses under following instructors: Dr. Lilawati Krishnan, Dr. Rathor (maths dept), Dr. Suchitra Mathur and Dr. Achla Raina (This list has nothing to do with my crushes but all of them are excellent instructors)
15. wanted to graduate with a CPI of 9.5
16. wanted to get a minor in philosophy (no such provision in IITK :( )
17. wanted to commit suicide (okey okey.. I will explain in my next post why)
18: wanted to go on a trek with friends/adventure sports club
19. wanted to make a short movie during umang or otherwise but could never get going

that is what I can recall right now. But this list will surely get a little longer in future so u may want to have a second look. And "The Bangalore Chronicles" will start soon.


Ravi Handa said…
my score is 5 out of 17 :)... but my list is way bigger than yours and my score in that will be 0 out of "whatever the number is" :(
Anonymous said…
mine is 1 out of these 17;

koi nahi abhage, abhi jindagi padi hai

waise kis company mein ho..............
Saurabh Nanda said…
I took a course under Dr. Rathore - Algorithms. And dropped it after two days for Industrial Organic Chemistry. He just doenst teach! He might be a genius - but teaching is not about being genius.

Anyways, it's your list :-)

Jaya said…
Guess what - I have done 4.5 of these. No. 5 (Not that I would attempt to take credits for it :-D), No.6 (yes! though there is a board saying that you are not allowed to climb it), No. 8 (thanks to the bakaiti 4th yearites exercised in the cultural programme of our last hall day at GH) and half of No. 14 (Did courses under two of them - Dr. L. Krishnan and Dr. Rathore - about him I will concur with Nanda). That makes it 3.5. Now take a guess at the last one...

Of course No. 9 ;)

Ding-Dong - before it is asked for.
Anonymous said…
ok ok...lotz of wishes i wud say...but u missed out one of them!!! try to recall, the one which u thought most about when u're spending ur final days at iitk ;-)

Anonymous said…
And what was that "the one which u thought most about when u're spending ur final days at iitk" ?

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