Some Updates

Currently working on: Handwriting Technologies
Currently Reading: Mahadevi Verma "Path Ke Saathi"
Currently Listening to: Abida Parveen "Amir Khusro"
Currently watching (TV): Kasuati Jindagi Ki, Sanjivani, Kahaani Ghar Ghar ki, Des me nikala hoga chand, CNBC The Challenge, Ripley's Believe it or not, The History Channel
Recently Watched (for the first time): The Wedding Planner, Samay, Dhoom, Terminal, Phir Milenge and one half each of Erin Brockowich(first half) and Training Day (second half)
Recently been to: Bangalore Book Festival
Recently eat for the first time: Chetinadu Dishes, Baser Beli Bath (Suggestion for other Southern delicacies welcome)
Blogs I manage to go through: Jaya, Handa, Alpha, Diwaker, PSD, Manish and Gosling
Websites I still manage to frequent: /.
Jobs wish list: Google, RJ on Radio City

More personal kind of updates are available on personal request ;)


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