When words fail !!

Caught this in today's edition of Bangalore Times:

when desires have no descriptions,
longings possess no definations,
expectations refuse fulfillment,
questions seek no answers,
wounds cease to give pain,
path decides to go nowhere,
what consolation can the words offer?

-- Milind Nayak


Braveheart said…
Can't see where it goes!
Words anyway dont take you anywhere. They are always shallow, ugly and wordly. They stink of intellectuality.

Jaya said…
My God! Why such a hatred for intellectuality, Akshaya?

And words - well yes, they have their limitations. They can not convey everything, they can not convey lots of things. But then you see, even to convey that you are in a situation where "words have failed", you will use words :-)

It's a description of "when" words fail, since they do not always fail.
Braveheart said…
Words, ah they suck. They fail every single time. Words let us down. Words are the biggest limitations for human beings. They are as weak as a human being. The word or language doesn't exist which can express a single emotion. I hate words. You explore new boundaries only when you stop using words. Words limit the richest thing in this world...Expression and Art.

Read Herman Hesse to know more about it Jaya. And well, intellect! It stinks because it steals the beauty out of everything. Intellect is the ugliest thing in this world. Read my post "Intellect and Beauty" to know more about it.

As for expressing contempt for words using words only, I dont agree. For expression I dont need any words. But yes, communication needs them. If you have resorted to the cheapest way to express, you communicate. Thats the worst mode of expression. It sounds complete and is all the more incomplete.

But when you are dealing with the ugliness of the world, you sometimes use the wordly means. Hence, all this affair. But that cant take away my hatred! Never!


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