The total sum of gravity of the title of a post and post itself is more or less constant.

As usual, I am trying to be witty after a long hiatus from this blog but the reason for that is not at all usual. I was on a journey, one like I never went on before, one I would hardly ever go on again.

Those who cared to keep track, saw me travelling to City of Nawabs from City of Gardens and back. Those who cared to travel with me, travelled from as far as Deccan Queen and NCR and for next 15 days, City of Nawabs turned into a Never Never Land. Unfortunately I cannot tell you what Never Never land is, You will have to see it for yourself, someday !

For now, its spring time, both inside me and outside me. I guess I should start bracing up for summers !


Unknown said…
Hello kya hua ?? Care for an explantion ;)

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