On the shades on sadness !

I bought a combo cassette of Kajal and "Do Badan" this weekend. Both the films have excellent songs and I was thinking of getting "Do Badan" for quite sometime now. To make things better, I got it paired with Kajal.

I hardly remember the story of either of the movies but the basic undertone of the songs in both the movies remain sad. Of course, Kajal has this favorite Bhajan of Mine "Tora Man Darpan Kahlaaye" but most of the songs, even the romantic ones are not without a touch of melancholy in them. I remember the picturization of "Chhoo lene do naazok hothon ko" in bits and pieces and I can see a Meena Kumari trying to keep away a drunk Rajkumar. Similarly all the songs of "Do Badan" are sad songs.

Now from the musical point of view, two movies are very similar. Music director for both the movies is same, Ravi, and Rafi and Asha have sung most of the songs. The only difference is in the lyricists and what a study in contrast they present. Shakeel Badayuni has written songs for "Do Badan" while Sahir has penned down those beauties for Kajal. It is interesting to see how different they stand inspite of the fact that both are writing sad songs, songs that talk about lost love, broken heart, distraught life and so on.

Shkeel is not happy with his pain. He doesn't enjoy it. There is an anguish in him, an anxiety which forces him to complain, to try to over come it. You can really feel for him, you can identify with his struggle. He is broken, he is defeated and he is helpless. And he blames the world for all these things. And you feel sorry for him, for yourself because you know how unjust this world is.

Sahir, on the other hand is same but different. He is also in a lot of pain. He has also been served a hard deal by fate but he enjoys it. He relishes in his pain in his own way. We can sit and admire him but we cannot be sad with him. His sadness is his alone. He doesn't blame the world. He is not concerned with it. His emotions, his energies are all concentrated on his love and himself. At the most, he just wants the world to leave him alone. We get a feeling of something very deep, something that is quite alien to us. He will also make us cry but not because we sympathies with him but because we feel presence of a pain so deep that it haunts us. It is not connected to him or to anybody. It stands on its own.

To me, both of them give immense satisfaction of having listened to some wonderful poetry. And the lovely music and excellent gayaki just make it over the top. It is my belief that every good poetry deserves to be put to music. That is when it realizes its true potential and blossoms in all its colors. You have to listen to Neeraj reciting his geets once to realize what I am saying !!


Braveheart said…
A very tasteful post :)
Shakeel Badayuni and Sahir have a history actually. Both have been great admirers of each other and at the same time, have had opposing ideals in their poetry. See this --

Shakeel -
ek shehenshah ne banwa ke haseen taajmahal
saari duniya ko mahabbat ki nishaani di hai

Sahir -
ek shehenshah ne daulat ka sahara lekar
ham gareebon ki mohabbat ka udaya hai mazaak

But you can't stop loving them both. Though I have always been with Sahir. His socialist ideals have started growing upon me. Though I dont know how far its going to go.

As for music, I think every true poetry has its own kind of music in it. It always does. What you are mentioning is just the immortalization for the sake of mankind :)

-- Akshaya
Anonymous said…
[A comment totally unrelated to your post]...
Hi Abhaga, Why is it that even Unicode in Hindi renders differently on different fonts ? e.g. I was seeing the poem rendered in Akshar Unicode vs. Arial Unicode MS. Arial screwes up "e" ki maatra and halant related stuff (doesn't show combined characters).

Prem Piyush said…
Supriyo ji,
The rendering of unicode fonts are dependent on browsers too.For example on UTF-8 enabled on Win-2000 prof. OS, Firefox shows this said problem.But at the same place for IE, it works fine.On Win XP there is no problem in both browsers in UTF-8 settings.

Another example, the true type Susa font can't be rendered in firefox 1.0 but crushed in 1.0.3. at last for IE its okey.
There are times when IE too shows garbage for some unicode characters, whether firebox goes well.

In the 3-D matrix of browsers, OSs and fonts the problem shall exist till near future.

The best solution I found is using both browsers with UTF-8 settings on the Win-XP.

Hope Abhayaji shall add more solutions.
. said…
thats interesting .. guess i will become a big time reader

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