Blasts and clean chits !

My boss commented yesterday that now even India has a 7/11. Somehow the little indication of smile on his face made me feel very bad. First thing is that I didn't like his tone which was something like "See, now even you have this problem of terrorism. So you better align with US." I wanted to say "No ! thank you" but I only said "we already had many of them" and I wanted to add "the fact that you were not awake before 9/11 doesn't mean world was also sleeping" though I didn't. And I felt both good and sad about the whole thing.

Good thing is that my country is not like US which goes on a frenzy of "war on terrorism" using terms like "crushing the enemy" and not be sincere about even that. The bad thing is that we are much too tolerant and our politicians spineless. No, we don't have to go and attack other countries but what stops us from beefing up internal security. Somehow in the war of selfish interests, we have lost the notion of good for the country. While on the one hand nation is crying under pain and looking for the suspects, politicians are issuing statements keeping the forthcoming elections in view and not a single politician has the guts to stand up and ask him to shut up.

SIMI is not the representative of Muslims of India. But playing it that way is easiest for the politicians. So they will make everybody believe that way. SIMI may not be guilty but when it is under scanner, what purpose does it serve to issue a statement in its favor? A "secular" govt is in power, so there should not be a fear of oppression also. Why then?


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