It is only the second round !

Today morning started with the much awaited news of the conviction in Priyadarshani Matoo case. I feel happy but not relieved. This was only the high court. There is still supreme court to appeal to. And while the re-trial in High Court got on the fast track because of the public out cry, I do not know what will happen in SC. May be another 5-6 years followed by a public outcry will be the cycle there also with the only difference being that SC may consider the public outcry as a interference in court's working and pass a gag order barring discussion of the matter in the public.

No, I don't think that our justice system has gone to dogs completely but I do think that our SC takes itself a little too seriously. But anyway, today's conviction should bring some cheer to the Matoo family.

I was particularly interested in this case because of another reason. To give some background, CBI filed an appeal in high court way back in 2000. And although it is not a big deal for a case to stretch on for 5-6 years, the ground reason for these delays are often shocking. It turns out that in this case, it took 5-6 years to translate the case's paperbook which had around 300 pages of documents relating to case, from Hindi to English ! I work in Machine Translation and reading this disgusted me. I just wish I could go and deploy a MT system in the courts thus atleast removing one component of the whole delay process ! And though the story in this case has taken a happy turn, not everybody is as lucky and I really hope someday, I would be able to help some of them by removing at least one obstacle that this corrupt system places in their path.


I am said…
Its an interesting observation that you make.

"I don't think that our justice system has gone to dogs completely but I do think that our SC takes itself a little too seriously"

I don't quite understand the implication but as far as I have followed Indian polity and society, I feel SC has provided people of India a hope that all is not lost. That there are ears and eyes on the right side of the law that hear and see.

As regards Mattoo case I feel finally the firm elderly slap has been delivered to the people who think that law is their backyard where they can play gully cricket.

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