Past two months and some

Note: The post was written 2 days ago, so please adjust the timeline accordingly.

A lot of time has passed. Almost four years since I graduated, almost 1 years since I came to US, almost 1 month since I returned from San Diego/ Bay Area trip, almost 1 week since I moved into this new house, almost 1 day since I returned from the whitewater rafting trip from Ohiopyle. Somewhere along that time-line lies the one and a half months mark since I have not posted. Not that I was totally gone, I wrote somethings on wasted margins.

So now you know that I have changed houses, have been on a couple of trips and read couple of books. During those trips, I visited Coronado beach and La Jolla coves in San Diego, met a lot of old friends, some of them already finishing up their PhD and staring a new phase in life, visited the famous Golden gate bridge, ate a one pound crab and learned a lot about its anatomy along the way, lost and found my phone, sat in a train after almost one year, rafted (guided) the 7 mile stretch on the lower yough, pulled 3 people out of water along the way :-) and managed to stay on board myself. Since the trip required no experience, the safety-excitement tradeoff was there. I am looking forward to do something more exciting next.

Moving to the new place a week for that proved to be much more tiring than we imagined it to be. Thanks to the driving skills of a friend and a canceled trip by my roommate, we managed to successfully shift two households into new places over 3 days. The nice thing is that many of my friends have all moved to close by places now and many others were already here. So we have quite a crowd around and the locality is much much better, look-wise and safety-wise, compared to the previous one. I am hoping to not move from this place unless something drastic forces me to.

Although I avoid writing about it here, work is not exactly going great guns at the moment. There were big plans for summers but the summers are now gone, leaving plans behind along with a missed deadline. The whooshing sound it made as it flew by was no consolation either. Coupled with a string of negative results, that has cast a little gloom but nothing to worry. We are working on it !

BTW, congratulations to Diwaker Gupta of Floating Sun fame on getting engaged. Couple of other friends have got engaged/married. I wish a great life and all the happiness to them.

Stay tuned !


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Thanks! :-)

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