Days ahead !

These are some heady days in my life. Lots of things happening and at times I get the feeling that everything might just slip away. And often times I remind myself that what you have is not what you hold in your fist but that which rests on your open palm.

So the big news is that I am going back to India next year. Things moved fast and there are chances of a startup looming on the horizon, already threatening to block the sun of rationality and rob the clarity out of life. Let us see where it goes.

Back from the future, in the present, there are some more things to be excited about. For next few months I am going to work on a Urdu to English Machine Translation System. Now given the state of the art, you can be sure that this MT system will be pretty useless for almost any use. What is exciting however is that it may produce as a side effect some nice tools for Urdu, conversion of Urdu script into Devanagari being one of them, an issue close to my heart. For the starters though, Bhomiyo already seem to have something along these lines up and running. It has problems but it is a start and a good one. I can already read BBC Urdu :-).


Anonymous said…
That comes as a big surprise to me! So did you drop your plans for a phd at cmu? What would be the prospective startup's domain? I am sure it must be very exciting (to enable you to take this decision).
Good luck in whatever you do!

-One of your acquaintance's acquaintance
abhaga said…
It would have been great to know the name of acquaintance and his/her acquaintance. You know that I don't bite. Don't you? :-)

I wouldn't say much about the startup right away but I am sure you would be able to get a drift looking at my posts in next year !
Anonymous said…
Hello There,

I read your blog. Looks like you share some interest with me for translating Urdu to Hindi/English. It would nice to know more about you. Drop an email at info @ bhomiyo . com - or - comment at bhomiyo . wordpress . com

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