Coming back !

After the marathon journey of 14 hours and a missed flight scare, I am sitting here on Mumbai airport waiting for the final connecting flight to Bangalore but it has still not completely sunk in. That I am finally back ! This single journey has changed so many things ! So many thoughts claiming my attention ! Nostalgia about the lovely friends I have left behind, many of whom I will never see again ! Leaving PhD and returning back with a MS from CMU, something which was a dream come true 2 years ago ! Being back home after 2 years ! For the first time in my life, no security cover in the form of a job or studies! The new personal life that awaits me in months ahead ! New developments, new life or a promise made 2 years ago is getting fulfilled? My tired and jet-lagged brain is not letting me think about any of these right now and the only thing I am able to worry about right now is my luggage, I hope I get to see it and take it through customs today only.


The luggage was found. Custom checks were cleared. And after 1 week in Bangalore, I am now in Lucknow, enjoying mangoes, home made food and tons of talking with my family. From 3rd, the new life starts in earnest. And all the good old things come back, starting with Girish Karnad on 10-11th July in Rangashankara ! :-)

Welcome back abhaga !


Madhur Tulsiani said…
Welcome back indeed! See you in Bangalore :-)
abhaga said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
abhaga said…
confusion between madhat and madhurt. Are you in India?
Madhur Tulsiani said…
Yup - in Jodhpur right now and in Bangalore for most of July and August.
Unknown said…
Full speed ahead :D
Priyendra said…
Somehow your posts always evoke lots of nostalagia in me!
Gauraw said…
I guess it should have been "My tired and jet-lagged brain"

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