That thing that never fails !

I return to blog after so many days and unfortunately it is a bad news. Millions of people in states of Bihar and Assam are reeling under massive floods in Kosi and Brahmaputra rivers. The Kosi floods are much more damaging than previous years because due to the breach in Nepal, the river has taken the course it had left 200 years ago and the areas under flood were actually considered flood safe! While the blame game is on, it is quite clear that the embankment was not repaired and was already beyond its expected life.

But none of that matters right now to around 3 million people in Bihar and 1 million in Assam who have lost their everything in the floods. Many of them are still struck in water logged areas and those who have been evacuated are trying to survive in relief camps setup all over the state. The situation is going to be serious for months to come since breach can only be filled after 2 months when the water level of kosi goes down. Right now the hope lies in the only thing that never fails : human compassion, grit and determination , a will to fight against all odds and help the fellow human beings who are in distress.

So please come out of your comfortable shells and ask how can we contribute. Everyone can in this moment of need, through cash, in kind, in person. And don't stop after you have made your contribution but spread the word, mobilize others, go out and talk about it to all your friends and acquaintances. This will be one forwarded mail, nobody would scoff at.

Information is here : or send a mail to me, to Jaya, to biharflood At yahoo dot com or to any of the guys listed on the above blog. If none of that works, do a google search and you will find tens more avenues and ways. Not knowing how to help is not an option. Please don't choose it.

That thing I talked about that never fails, that is because everyone of us makes sure that it doesn't !

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