A case of misplaced priorities

Recently India's first air conditioned bus stand opened up in Bangalore. In a state that is reeling under severe power shortage - street lights are off on many roads in Bangalore, farmers in the state are getting electricity in the night, hence watering the fields in night and getting bitten by snakes in turn - 2 deaths and 6 more cases in past month or so. And in a city with a lovely weather, which is said to have natural air conditioning in place. Sure it has deteriorated in years but still pretty powerful if you ask my running nose and coughing throat. And in such a city and such a state, we proudly build a air conditioned bus stand.

It is wrong on so many counts that it makes me desperate.


Anonymous said…
Large organizations, such as govt. are crippled by inefficiencies and i can understand why things such as an air conditioned bus stand get through.

But, at the same time, its also profoundly irritating to accept such realities.

Celebrating Life...
Meghna said…
Hi abhaya,
Nice to hear that. I just hope the Indian Government becomes a bit more responsible!

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