I have been promising myself that I'll post something here, whole last week. There are a couple of issues I have been thinking about but as usual, I have been breaking these promises with almost marvelous consistency :(

The reading dept is going weak now a days. Have only read 1-2 short stories by Satya Jeet Ray in all of last week and these stories are surprisingly modern. I mean very much different from the impression I had but this will be the issue of another post when I am done reading the collection.

In the meantime I watched HP3 and hated it. The book was way too better. I am quite at a loss at understanding the applauds it seems to be getting by the critics and viewers. They have left out almost everything from the story. Considering the size of HP4 and HP5, I doubt what is going to be their fate :(. The lead actors overact most of the time save for Ms. Granger. She is beginning to look nice and is okey in the acting dept also. Hope to see more of her outside the HP series. Vaise I think a lot of my disappointment can be ascribed to the sad quality of the print that I watched and the fact that it was missing an additional 10 minutes from a already sparse story.

Also watched "The Raging Bull" yesterday. Found it pretty ordinary, boring at times. Nothing special to talk about.

I almost feel criminal posting this after a gap of a week but I will be back with more substantial stuff I promise. And I will be back soon :)


Anonymous said…
if your computer keeps the time correct then i guess 0754hrs is too early to comment on a movie when the mind is not conscious and with those early hours feelings barging out on ur (hole)soul and i'll never forgive u....coz...u spoiled my intentions of watching HP3 with pleasure..and moreover without any prejudices..

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