Trainspotting, Green Day and Satyendra Dubey

Getting busy as July is coming up. So no time to write critical reviews of everything if I want to do as many things as I used to. Well I am being a little selfish here but can't help it. So in the meanwhile only small lists will be coming up here:

Books: finished "Daddy long legs" by Jean Webster. A quick and easy read but 1) is meant for children and 2) is quite outdated (was published in 1915). Reading "The best of Satyajeet Ray". Most of the stories are for children but some are rather mature in tone.

Movies: I can't believe I forgot to write an entry for "The Whale Rider". Take my word and watch it today. One of the few movies which brought me to tears. Also saw "Trainspotting" and I was not disappointed inspite of the fact that I was waiting to see it since quite sometime now.

Music: Right now its GreenDay and GreenDay with some Hootie and the Blowfish in between. GreenDay is just awesome especially their first album Dookie. Hear it before u are too old to feel rebellious :)

Reading List: "Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul" and "Five Point Someone"

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