Some hairy issues

I wrote this yesterday, I posted this yesterday, I lost it yesterday. But love's labour is never lost and so as the battle lines are redrawn every morning, here's to those who fell and here's to those who stand.
A bad hair day is a bad day that starts with hair problems. Since now a days most of my days start with hair problems, it was only a matter of time that one of them qualified as a bad hair day. But on account of the good food that I had today and the good news that I received today, I guess I would settle for a "Not so good hair day".
Having been on the wrong side of the line in case of hair lose for a long time now, I had almost forgotten the taste of panic and anxiety that sets in when you first see that white streak or when the trips to head for a flip to hairs starts returning a handful. It is something with which you learn to live just like the rate of inflation. However, recently, this rate of inflation has been reminding me of the state of Germany after WW II where inflation was so high that the buying capacity of the ppl at the front and at the end of a queue differed measurably. On the same lines, I think if I click myself in the morning and in the evening, I can almost make out the difference in hair quantity. I hope my parents who are visiting me next month listen to their heart and not to their eyes !!
And to add insult to the injury, recently Parachute launched their new ad campaign for Sampoorna hair oil. Now I have something for these narrative kind of ads and this one being one of the best in the genre, hit me where it hurts the most. On one of my recent visits to a store, I surprised even myself by trying to dump my old hair oil and going for Sampoorna but it is at such critical moments of the life that "Fight Club" and "Tyler Durden" come handy and I was saved !!
An interesting question came up recently while attending a support group meeting of fellow victims. How much or what percentage of hair must a person lose before qualifying as a ganja? Please send in your answers, comments and any suggestion for stopping the natural deforestation of my skull as soon as possible. Of course, animal right activist have nothing of interest here !!
And as one of the more well known ganja's around likes to put it:
"God made only few perfect heads. Rest he covered with hairs."
-- Anupam Kher (courtesy Akshaya Kumar )


Anonymous said…
abbe kya chal raha hai life mein, apart from ur balding head.

Tipsy Topsy said…
One of my friends did a very wise thing when he faced a receeding hair line. He shaved his head. He was around 24 that time.And the logic he gave was that instead of looking 35 at 25 he would rather look 25 forever! Hmmm. Try that :D

abhaga said…
vibs: Life is good. Call me. My number is on orkut.

[tip top]sy : Nice suggestion. The day I decide to become a skinhead, u are going to be my first victim >:)
Kabira said…
sorry buddy but I am too facing the same hair problem, but life mein aur bhi gum hain chhupane ko agar koi solution ho too humko bhi batana. bachche ke blog per bhi nazar-e-inayat kiya karo , suna hai dua mein bhi asar hota hai

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