The pain of being a mediocre

Yes I have done it again !! Once again in my life, I stamped myself with the mark that I hate most, the mark of being a mediocre !! I don't mind begin bad, hardly anyone minds being good but mediocre is one thing I never want to be.

It has happened so many times in the life now that I hardly feel sad and that makes it even worse. I am getting used to live like this. And this time it was nothing less but the profession that I have chosen for my life, things that I have been doing for 5-6 years now. After having spent 5 years typing, sitting in front of computer I do not know how to put together a decent piece of code fast enough !! How much more time do you need Mr. Abhaya Agarwal? How much?

Yes Google I accept !! I am still not worthy enough to set foot on your premises. But I will be.

Because if India has to change, I have to be the first one !


Gauraw said…
It's only the matter of not getting immuned to this pain... Keep it fresh in your mind & India *will* change.

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