Dil ki aawaz bhi sun !!

Although he is undoubtedly the master of this genre of posts, bringing back to my attention some of the wonderful old songs that I have love and lost over the years, let me also try to contribute a little.
Today I came across this song and boy ! am I hooked to it now !! The poetry, the music and the rendition, everything is so addictive. And it is not only the powerful lyrics but the way Rafi has rendered them, every nuance of meaning hidden in those lines comes out. As the poet goes from the self defending to encouraging and finally blaming mood, Rafi's voice makes it difficult to not appreciate the changing shades of mood. The pain and that wish to get back what has been lost just gets to you. The music provides full support to the inherent flow and rythme of the lyrics.
May be it is the mood or the mausam, I just can't stop humming these lines. Incidently they come from the kalam of Shaqeel Bandayuni, somebody who is rising quickly in my list of favourites. Music is by O. P. Nayyar.

दिल की आवाज़ भी सुन, मेरे फ़साने पे ना जा ,
मेरी नज़रों की तरफ़ देख , ज़माने पे ना जा ।

एक नज़र फ़ेर ले जीने की इजाज़त दे दे,
रूठने वाले फ़िर पह्ली सी ्मोहब्बत दे दे ।
इश्क मासूम है, इल्ज़ाम लगाने पे ना जा,
मेरी नज़रों की तरफ़ देख , ज़माने पे ना जा ।

वक्त इन्सान पे ऐसा भी कभी आता है,
राह मे छोड कर साया भी चला जाता है ।
दिन भी निकलेगा कभी, रात के आने पे ना जा,
मेरी नज़रों की तरफ़ देख , ज़माने पे ना जा ।

मैं हकीकत हूं ये एक रोज़ दिखऊंगा तुझे,
बेगुनाही पे मोहब्बत की रुलाऊंगा तुझे ।
दाग दिल के नही मिटते हैं, मिटाने पे ना जा,
मेरी नज़रों की तरफ़ देख , ज़माने पे ना जा ।


Braveheart said…
Absolutely miraculous song! Rafi has made this song immortal with his voice.

Though I always marvel at the beauty of the second 'antara', another interesting observation is that the third lines of all the 'antaras' are the most beautiful. What do you say?

Shakeel Badayuni is too good dear. See what Sahir said, "Shakeel should be credited for selecting the genre of ghazals after the greats like Jigar and Firaaq in which he showed his charismatic abilities making beautiful ghazals. His ghazals adhere to the traditional spirit while highlighting contemporary values. His ghazals have reflected the ideas related to the transformations in literature and the changes of values of life giving it new meanings, colours and directions."

Then we must nod, shouldnt we? And remember 'Aj Purani Rahon Se', its also written by him only.

Now that you are into the genre, keep reminding me some more of those old beauties :)

-- Akshaya
Priyendra said…
Why does my firefox under linux show hindi fonts as garbage?

Baaki sunao, jindagi kaisi kat rahi hai? Aajkal to hum bhi kaam-dhande waale ban gaye hai :-)
Anonymous said…
I absolutely love Rafi Sahib's voice and this song is so beautiful. I am studying for an exam at a library in richmond, canada and this song has come to my mind.......I forgot some of the lines and this is what brought me to your blog...


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