Guide to Life

There have been complaints that my last post about my vacations was too out of the box and that a little more earthly account of the same would be much more appreciated. So now, when I am more into my senses, I thought of writing a Guide to Life. No, I don't plan to write a guide to life, if you ever lay your hands on one, tear it apart, burn it, bury it deep into ground but don't read it but rather a brief guide to Life.

The first line can be approximately translated to :
"The amount of time spent on deciding the title of a post and amount of time spent in actually writing the post sum upto a undetermined but positive and finite constant, within the limits of experimental errors. This assumes that the time you spent in writing the post and the time that you spend in deciding the title are directly proportional to the final gravity (depth of meaning) of the result."

And since there is hardly anything graver then Life, the post losses out on any chances of having any gravity at all.

So much for the last post. There are several interesting things happening around me right now.

1. One of the guys whom I interviewed has joined the company. If I correctly remember the interview, I may now have a reputation to live upto !! Seems a little weird.

2. There is some commercial interest in our company now. So the days of peace and serenity may finally be over.

3. I have started to read again, thanks to the over 40 hours of journey to my native place. I have been writing a little bit about the books that I read on another blog, will post the link after sometime.

4. IIM results are coming out and I am hoping for some (read more then 1) treats at least.

5. What else, weather in Bangalore right now is as good as it gets. Only that I have managed to catch a little cold that is stopping me from going all out and enjoy it.

And best of all, I have discovered a convenient way to use unicode on windows, Aksharmala. So in near future, I will again start posting hindi writings in Devanagari Script.

All this and more, thanks to the Hindi Wikipedia. Wikipedia is amazing and it was great to see Hindi Wikipedia. Right now the English Wikipedia is bigger then the CD version of Encyclopedia Britannica and is growing at a fast pace.

I will sure try and get my hands dirty with this thing, specially the Hindi Wikipedia. As a start, today I translated the 100 word Swadesh list on English Wiktionary.


Braveheart said…
I dont think your explanation would help much. Not just because it hardly makes sense, but also because it further complicates things :)

Anyway, I have finally given up on trying to understand that part which seems to be so difficult to fathom. Life should be easy dude, isnt it? :p

Rest of all that Wikipedia is complicating it even further. So I'd better run off and write another poem :) Life flows when I do that -- flows like water, and blood.

-- Akshaya

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