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I almost skipped this one. In fact I went on the trip because the tickets had already been bought and I was not very keen on going and getting them cancelled. Now in the retrospect I think even procrastination has its own virtues.

The best part about the trip was our excellent host, Colonel Rajiv Kumar. Due to his busy schedule during our visits, he was not able to accompany us on our excursions but he made sure that we had a well planned and satisfying itinerary for the 3 days. Alas he will be moving to another place in a short while and so we will have to be on our own when we visit next. It was due to him that we got to stay in the DSSC guest house in Wellington, away from the maddening crowd in Ooty in this peak season. And staying in Wellington, which incidentally is the center of Madras Regiment also, gave us the chance to explore more in the Kunoor Valley and beyond. Dear Rajiv, if you are reading this, thanks a lot indeed :)

And how can it end without a little something about DSSC. DSSC stands for Defense Services Staff College and it trains some of the best military Officers. The officers come here after 10-12 years of service to learn about more advanced aspects of warfare, strategies and other stuff that is important once you are in higher ranks of the service. It is a very prestigious college to attend and only few get a chance to do it. The campus is very beautiful overlooking a scenic valley and is surrounded by a golf course on all sides. It has students not only from Indian armed forces but from all around the world including developed countries like USA, UK.

I really liked the following that was written on a wall in a class room:
"The welfare and comfort of the country comes first, always!"
"The welfare and comfort of those you command comes next."
"The welfare and comfort of your personal self comes last."

No wonder, Indian Army has produced people like Sekhon, Mulla, Abdul Hameed and Major Somnath.


Arunima said…

nice collage and thanks for quoting the lines on the wall. We civilians need to read them too
Rohit said…
Nice quotes; great pictures~
Unknown said…
...And Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey :-)

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