Gareebi me aata gila !

Though it looks like there was no damage, it has left me feeling utterly insecure. Before entering any password I think twice what if he left a backdoor or Trojan or keylogger and would be back later to pick up all the goodies nicely stored in a file somewhere on my disk? Anybody having any ideas about detecting a Linux keylogger running, please get back to me.

The only good part is that I actually saw it happened and so was able to get in the damage control mode immediately. When we came here, we were told that computing environment here is extremely hostile and that any vulnerability will be exploited within a day of being exposed. My VNC server could survive may be 10 hours. A look at the /var/log/messages shows consistent attacks on ssh every 4-5 hours. Living in the famous parts of IP namespace has its own disadvantages.

And this happened when I was still trying to recuperate from the yesterday's misadventure with new Airtel call home service. I tried to register at their website and they did a Air Deccan to me i.e. charged my account but said that there had been an error ! I don't mind this very much what with the huge traffic and unreliable network connections but what annoyed me was that the 24x7 phone number advertised boldly on the website is *not working*. And no replies whatsoever from the customer care email address also.

And as a follow up, I discovered that out of the two solutions to a problem in a final on Tuesday, the one I chose to pen down is the wrong one ! I thought the other one was elegant but not necessary but turns out that was the right one. Should I say karela vo bhi neem chada or Sone pe suhaga or may be icing on the cake !

Sometimes it is just too much fun !


Anonymous said…
My Airtel CallHome account is working fine somehow.

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