5 of Pothi.com titles launching today during Bangalore Book Festival

Five of our books are being launched today in Bangalore Book Festival. I am very excited and a little nervous too :-). Please come to the launch and show your support. We promise it will be interesting. Here is a Press Release with some more information - Print-on-Demand titles come to Bangalore Book Festival . You can see the titles being launched on Pothi.com .

Time: 4:30pm

Venue: Gayatri Vihar, Palace Grounds, 

Near Mekhri Circle, Bangalore

upcoming page


Joanna Penn said…
Hi Abhaya, Thanks very much for your post on my blog when I mentioned pothi.com. I am very interested in India as a market (and as a place!) I have some questions I wonder if you could answer on your blog, or as a Q&A on my blog "From Idea to Book".
1) What is the book market like in India? Do people buy a lot of books on the internet, or mainly from stores?
2) What type of books/what genre sell well in India?
3) Can non-Indians upload and sell at Pothi.com? e.g. I have a book with a US ISBN and also an Australian ISBN; could I load that and sell it at Pothi?
4) What would be you recommendation for marketing to the Indian market if the author is not in India?

Thanks - I appreciate your comments. It is a global market with POD so I am interested in how we can all work together!

Thanks, Joanna

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