Exactly 4 years, 4 months before, something happened and my life has never been the same again. I got my iitk login in January, 2000 and on 2nd May 2004 i.e. today, at 5:30 pm it stopped working :(. Although I am still trying to get it back somehow, I know within my heart that finally this is the time. Time to move on. Time to leave the familiar and comfortable territories of pine, linserv and apah.

And what is gone was not just a login. It was a treasure house of memories. It had so earnestly brought me good news and also delivered the worst of them. News about my loved ones, news about those close to me and news from those whom I may never meet in my whole life. For 4 long years it kept stuff so important to me, safely inside with utmost care.. just like an old trusted friend !!

I guess nothing else in the whole IITK becomes more closely associated with a person than his login. Almost half of the junta is known to others by their login names. In particular, for one last year during which most of my social life has existed virtually, on email, on net, on news groups, my login has become more and more synonymous with me. And now when it is suddenly gone, I am just struggling to come to terms with this apperant loss of identity.

Ah those hand picked messages which showed up when I logged in !! Those background images which I collected with such effort in my first year !! It felt so much like home. And now while leaving it I again feel so much like the young lad of 16 who left home to see the world. Only that the excitement is somewhat missing this time :(

O Abhayag !! thy shalth always be fondly remembered. Rest in peace !!


Anonymous said…
Well written Abhagey! Humein to nikale hue ek saal ho gaya lekin phir bhi padh ke senti ho gaye hum!!

-- Priyendra

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