Today we, some members of the BRiCS group, made a trip to Bithoor on Bi-cycles. AM also came along with us and as I watched him riding bi-cycle, swimming in ganges, buying tarbooj from a farmer and later treating us all to a self-made lunch at his house, I thought of what I want from life and though I do not know the answer, all the above things are definitely in.

Well musings apart, the trip was fun. I along with one more guy tried to pull off a prank on the junta but guess what? The worse happened.. not a single soul noticed :( . We ate lots of dahi bada, tarbooj, kheera, played some antakshari, went boating, came back to eat more kheera, play more antakshari and then the best ending that was possible: took the ride back in the car with bi-cycle loaded behind :). In the middle of all this, at one point of time, watched a flamingo. They are so beautiful and big. Easily the biggest bird I have ever seen.

Incidently I seem to have placed my hands on another interesting thing :). AM apparently has a library which is best on campus in the opinion of some of the people best equipped to make comments like this. And he has invited me to check it out. I think I'll do that pretty soon.

However, the next thing on my reading list right now are:
Dirk Gently's holistic detective agency : Douglas Adams
Fermat's Last Theorem : Simone Singh

Current Fav song: All that she wrote by Firehouse


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