Well it happened again. First with Ms. Roy and now with Mr. Yadav. Both of them represent the line of thought that I could not more disagree with. In particular, I have become so disgusted with the blubbering of Mr. Yadav in the so called "editoriaI section" of Hans that I consider it to be the misfortune for a magazine like Hans which traces back its origin to writers like Munshi Premchand that it should have him as editor.

But today I read a story in Kadambini magazine. They have a series where some big shots of Hindi Literature present one of their fav. stories along with some comments and this time Rajinder Yadav has hit bullz eye. The series has carried some excellent stories in the past but the one it carries this time is a master piece. It is "Bhediye" by Bhuvenashwar who is also supposed to be the the father of Hindi Ekanki. Somehow I cannot remember having heard this name before but he is definitely high on my To read list now. And I can give Mr. yadav a break till he writes another of those editorials :).

For those wondering, what happened with Ms. Roy, plz refer to an earlier entry dated [Sun Jan 04, 02:40:43 AM].


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