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I often wonder how strange our brain is and the strangest part seems to be our memory. In technical terms, our memory is what we computer scientists call "Content Addressable Memory". So we do not actually need to know where exactly in our brain, something is stored. We just think of some related thing or about some part of the thing and the whole thing comes rushing forth.

Now sometimes these associations are very obvious and at other times, quite bewildering. They also tend to differ from person to person. I listen to music a lot and I have found that I can infact draw up a very nostalgic map of my life in terms of songs. Everytime I listen to some of the songs, they bring back memories of gone times and at times they are so vivid that I can hardly contain my emotions. I feel happy or sad or peaceful just like I am living that moment again. It is a wonderful feeling to say the least. Some of the prominent ones are (though I doubt they will make any sense to anybody apart from me but still for the love of it all :)):

1. Songs from Vijaypath (starring Tabu and Ajay Devagan): We were doing a play in 9th class and were supposed to meet for practice on Sunday. Somebody didn't turn up and instead went to watch this movie. Well to cut the long story short, still reminds me of a girl in my class :)

2. Figure this out: Song "Dilli se train chali" from some movie zaalim. One of my classmates once offhand mentioned that she likes this song and I just so clearly remember it. Honestly, no conscious effort involved :) and I may have listened to the song barely 4-5 times. Can u identify urself?

3. This one is special: "Savage Garden" by Savage Garden: reminds me of some of the best times of my life. My first year Galaxy and what I feel I cannot write in words :). I am so grateful to God for this that I can just go back and live that time again and again!!

4. Reload by Metallica: second year summer vacations, Jeetu, Arun, American history X and rahul Ukey :))

5. "Breakfast at Tiffany's" by MatchBox 20 : My final year final days

Then there are more recent ones like "Estranged" by GNR for my days spent living with my bachchas and many more that just come up as I listen to songs from my collection and make some event of past alive again.

Infact this observation has now made me conscious and maybe that is why I listen to same songs again and again over and over. Like It was GreenDay non stop this whole week. Hopefully sometime in future it will come handy :). So guys, now u know how to capture those codak moments for forever in ur memory. Get Going !!


Ravi Handa said…
Listen Brother,
Kyun IITians ki reputation ko public main barbaad kar raha hai??? Vijaypath aur zaalim ke baare main to bolna hi bewakoofi hai... For the rest :
1. There is no song called RELOADED by Metallica. However, there is an album, RELOAD
2. Its called "Breakfast at Tiffany's" not Tiffney.. Beautiful movie, beautiful book, beautiful song. Please stop this sacrilege.

I can understand the typo errors but definitely these werent one of those. well, CODAK is an example of a typo you made... but everyone does that.. You should atleast know the names of the things you like.
Anonymous said…
I can only relate to the first one ;D
But i am interested in the second one ;P
baaki sab...rehne do yaar...


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