ha, before I forget, I'll put it down this time. I listened to this song from "Akele hum,akele tum" and was thinking from where it is inspired. Finally today, the puzzle was solved. The song "Aisa zakhm diya hai" is inspired from "Child in Time" by Deep Purple :). And for that matter "Mera dil tere liye, dhadakta hai" from Ashiqui is inspired form John Farnham's "You're the Voice" which incidently is quite a nice song, one which u should listen to !!

Watched "Whale Rider" and "Kill Bill 2". Will write about them sometime later. Also made my first mix tape :). I'll have to think if I should make it public :P


Well thanks to this post of yours, I actually managed to find the name of this performer and the song..I have always known of this song and have heard it at several places without being able to figure out anything about the lyrics or the singer..I knew about the Hindi song that was 'based' on this and it led me to this original through your post, thanks again !

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