GT - IInd Edition

is available here. This one is by the team "प्राणस्य भावः" (pranasya bhavah).

It turns out that out of the 7 teams proposed, only 3 are actually participating. I have mentioned about two of them already and fortunately or unfortunately, one of them comprises of Hall 2 guys and another, of Hall 3. But can anybody guess which is the 3rd team? With Hall 1 choosing to remain out of the picture for the most part, it is our very own GH that has a team in the running and as far as I have heard, they are working pretty hard.

In the golden olden times :), GH used to be one of the rotating teams. They used to be paired up with hall 1, hall2 and hall 3 in a cyclic order. Other rotating teams were the two PG hostels. Now although, I would not go on to say that GH used to be passive but Galaxy never seemed to arouse the same kind of passion there as was seen in Hall 2 and Hall 3. One reason is obvious. When u are being forced to change ur loyalties every year, it becomes kinda tough to identify urself with one of the teams in particular. I, however, feel the real reason lied elsewhere.

Galaxy required a lot of preparation and planning. There used to be a so called think tank which would comprise of the old timers of that hall, senior students from hall 1, new guys who have shown promise etc. Girls would all be there but they were hardly involved when it would come to decide about majors, minors, cul shows. It was more like, any girl known to be good in something, would be contacted through "appropriate channels" and would be roped in. There might be exceptions but that was the general picture. So the real challenge of Galaxy was almost missing from their experience.

On the contrary, this time they have their own team, they have their own "think tank" and they are doing whatever they decide to do and not just carry out the instructions being passed to them. For the first time, they are standing the post (refer to "A few good man" the movie) :). And I guess this feeling of being able to do what they want to do is the main incentive for going ahead and work.

In fact, this observation once again strongly proves what many simply decline to see. If u want betterment of your condition, if u want things to change, it is you who have to budge. Similarly if u want to improve somebody else's condition, again it is that somebody else who will have to do it. No matter how much energy u put in, how many methods u device, how many plans u roll out, nothing will succeed. I hope both the student community and the administration realize this as soon as possible.


Unknown said…
It's nice to here that GH is sending it's own team. But at our times, GH used to do just more than running instructions.

They were a lot involved in decision making and idea generation and participation. Howeever, barring a few, you won't see that emotion when they lost.

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