News ! News !

Can't say that this makes me happy but it surely moves my heart. Galaxy is back !! Its very low scale, even if u are on campus, u can easily miss it all together, I haven't seen any of the events to comment on the quality but it is happening ! I have no doubt that the organizers are insane but galaxy can do that to u. I would try to do an online coverage of whatever happens and whatever I am able to catch but here are some tid-bits to start with:
Galaxy 2004 : Announcement Page
Galaxy Times : 1st Edition (Dhande Shining Team)

psd, I hope u remember the Galaxy Times :)


Priyendra said…
Tough to forget man - scars as deep, take quite some time to heal :-)
Unknown said…
Hey that's great news man. Galaxy was the best thing that happend at the campus. It was already a shame banning it. I always thought Dhande was eccentirc. When he became Diro, he confirmed it.

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