I moved !!

Musafir ke raste badalte rahe,
kismat me chalna tha chalte rahe.
-- Bashir Badr

New place, new ways, new ppl, old faces
New paths, unknown destination,
New building on old bases.
-- me

This is abhaga from City of Gardens. I am loving it !!


vandy said…
When Bashir Badr was studying at AMU his own
poetry(shayari) was in his syllabus.
Arunima said…
happiness is found on the way not at the end of the road. So, enjoy and cherish each moment.
Unknown said…
So that's was the reason of the sabbatical. But then, Papi Pet Ka Sawal Hai :-)
Tipsy Topsy said…
Ah! New place, new job, new thoughts! looking forward to loads of more posts from you :-)

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