On a bright Monday Morning after Friendship Day !

This is one of my favorite pieces of poetry. Haven't been able to determine the original source but I picked it up from the .plan file of a senior. A pretty odd place to look for good poetry but pays off at times :)
To all my friends,

Life isn't fun anymore.
This isn't that long-looked for break of day,

That those comrades in arms set out in search of,
Hoping that in heaven's wide void,
Somewhere must be the star's last halting place,

Somewhere the verge of night's slow washing tide,

Somewhere an anchorage for the ship of heart ache.


Anonymous said…
Remove the first line and the poem is apparently by Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Dont know where the first line came from... perhaps the senior(rajat raina is it??) added it
abhaga said…
Ah now that u pointed out, It is indeed a translation of a nazm by faiz. And yes, I picked it up from Raina. Thanks a lot and plz leave ur name also next time :). Would love to know who graced me with his/her presence :D
how does the original go?

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