Saturday Night Fever

Another gem from Hussain brothers. I got two more of their albums yesterday which takes the count to 11 now.

Once again, you have to listen to this one to understand why it is here and what does it have to say that you cannot read.

Meri uljhan se mere saath ulajhne vala,
koi to hota meri baat samajhne vala.

Aaine teri to sakhiyan hain voh aankhen, ye bata,
kiske khwaab un me sanjoye hai sanwarne vala.

Apna dil bhi vo kasauti pe kabhi to rakhe,
mere ahsas ka maghmoom parakhne vala.
[maghmoom - woe]

abke aaye jo koi abr to kuch aisa khayaal,
meri aankhon ki tarah roj barasne vala.

-- Priyadarshi Thakur Khayal

Jagjit Singh and Ghulam Ali are giving a combined concert in Bangalore on 5th of March. Guess who is excited about it :)


Braveheart said…
The ghazal is really good. I bought a cassette from these two last saturday. The name is 'Agosh'. Well, its okay. Need to spend some time before making an opinion. Also bought Faiz by Abida. Sounds okay.

But man, this is amazing news - Ghulam Ali in Bangalore. Jagjit Singh is of no interest for me. But Ghulam Ali! I wish I was there :(
But its a promise to myself, I'd listen to him live someday. God, help me :)

Anonymous said…
Your post remimded me of the song "Main Hawa Hoon, Kahan watan mera". I have been hunting for its lyrics since a long time. If you can oblidge me plz. :D

Anonymous said…
Yeh dosti ke riste bhi ajjeb hote hain,
Rahte hai jo nigahon se door wohi dil ke kareeb hote hain

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