KFC vs MacD

Veg Burger at KFC (in Forum Mall to be specific) sucks big time. I took the crispy one and if that was a crispy one, God have mercy on the normal one.

MacD wins hands down. It is not on thin air that they have built such a fortune. They rock !!


Braveheart said…
Never heard of KFC. What is it?

Been to MacD only once. And I am in no mood to pay them another visit unless I am with some chick who loves MacD. And even then, I'd go only because it'll cost me less than what it might cost me otherwise. I think it sucks just as much.

I dont think the fortune they have made has anything to do with the quality. It was about the idea. Now if you copy the idea and make the fortune, you either bring some revolutionary innovation to the existing idea or enhance the quality. Otherwise, forget about it!

Who has the time to eat burgers anyway! :p
abhaga said…
Are tum ne KFC ka naam nahi suna? KFC is Kentucky Fried Chicken, a chain famous for its fried chicken. Kuch saal pahle there was a lot of hulla gulla over their cruelity to chickens and demands to ban them. Also Bird Flu ka bhi chakker tha.
Yes! MacD has been quite an innovative company (though Burgers existed long before them) and I cannot claim that they are the best since I have not tried many others but still, their Big Mac ! it suits my palate :)
Unknown said…
some 8-10 year ago, some local kannadas had vandalised the shop at brigade road. They wanted MNCs to go. Later they wanted kannad caption on the shop..

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