Galaxy Remains !

What is better than watching a Galaxy? Of course being part of it :) but before I tell u more about it, here are the remaining editions of GT:


Apart from regular things like street plays, road paintings, the publicity events were a Parade and a Bhajan Singing march in which the aim was to collect as much money as u can by singing bhajans. These guys had the audacity of actually going to Dean's house and ask him for some money. I heard he bequeathed in the order of Rs. 6 to Rs 10 :), don't know who won in the end though. Lit events saw their usual crowd coming together although the events were much more experimental in nature.
I unfortunately missed the GH cul show but other two cul shows were quite impressive. There is however one observation which I cannot avoid making though I am not sure what to conclude from it. In our times, Hall 2 used to always get screwed in musicals which was the forte of Hall 3. In the play the situation was just the opposite. Even 3 years' gap was not enough to break the tradition :). DS put up an excellent play and opening but I felt it became very heavy and lacked any light element. PB had a nice choreo and some nice fillers (which they overdid and lost the effect). The two classical pieces were also wonderfully executed and a treat to listen to.
Results were not out till the writing of this post. And with the following words of Bashir Badr, Galaxy 2004 ended:

Dushmani jam ker karen lekin ye gunjaish rahe,
Jab kabhi hum dost ho jaayen to sharminda na hon.

The small part I got to play in this galaxy proved to be quite satisfying for more than one reason but it suffices to say that it was the best farewell which I could have hoped for. Since long have challenges been away from my life and what better way to embark on the next phase of ur life than to have a brush with the best that the life in past had to offer. The only thing left to say now is:

karo rukhsat hume ahal-e-chaman, ab hum to chalte hain,
Hawaayen dasht-e-nawardee ka fir paigaam laayi hain.


Anonymous said…
read ur post in hurry .
will read it in leisure later.
BTW what is Dhande.. or this term repeatedly in galaxy postings..
Unknown said…
Dhande is the Director of IIT Kanpur.
Anonymous said…
The most awaited event of the Cultural programmes was the Hall-I skit for the obvious reasons.

They used to show the screening commitee at SAC a different version while actually presented a different version during the programme. Uncensored!
Anonymous said…
Dhande is Diro I know but "Dhande shining" etc I cdn't
get.Did he bring the Galaxy back ?Then Junta sh be thankful to him..
abhaga said…
Anon: something called sarcasm is at play here:)

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