Results are in

Both DS and PB ended up at a difference of .2%. So both the teams were decleared joint winners. GH took the second place.


Priyendra said…
Did something like "GH ki m** ka ..." happen? After all, in true Galaxy tradition the winners (Halls 2 and 3 both) should go to the loser's hall and taunt them! :-)
Anonymous said…
Was this some kind of sadbhavna Galaxy?

Can't believe that this result is genuine.
Piyush said…
well it hardly matters who won and what was the result ...what's more is important that Galaxy did happen ... and gor those who participated it was no sadbhawana Galaxy ,may be size of the event was small ,not the size of the competiton
Anonymous said…
I am sure Galaxy is a huge thing..but there are some non IIT people reading your blog who are waiting to see something different to appear the next time they visit.. :-)
abhaga said…
psd: kyon bhai? Do u remember any girl coming to our hostel in 2nd year :)

Anon: Actually ye to hon ahi tha. What else do u expect when
only 2 genuine teams are taking part and the scale is so small. It is very difficult to diffrentiate. This where the large scale of galaxy came into play.

T: Yeah I realize that but I will be generelly busy during next 10-15 days and so not much writing. Hope u keep coming back though :)
Anonymous said…
Pray do explain why the winners were the 2 genuine teams ? And your reasons for not considering the GH team a genuine one.

Do read this article
abhaga said…
There are 1001 ways to answer this question but I'll choose unconditional apology and the simple explanation that it was a slip. Of course u are free to interpret it in terms of my subconcious biases coming into play.

What I think about the GH team will be clear if u read my one of my previous postings called
GT - IInd edition
About the article, I think the total content value of that is zero which is quite expected from a TOI article.
Anonymous said…
Just because GH was never a seperate team before does not mean that it is not a genuine team. Remember, GH lost by only 4 points :(
In today's date the PGs ,who usually see Galaxy as a festival of UGs, are in majority in GH. And hence the working people from GH were only a handful. By saying that GH team was not a genuine one, you have not done justice to the hard work of these few people.
abhaga said…
Assuming that u are the same anonymous to whom I replied earlier :), I think u missed my point. I am not saying that GH is not a genuine team. It was just a slip when I wrote 2 instead of 3 and I think I am allowed to slip at times. Am I not? :)
Anonymous said…
Well, u r allowed to slip at times :).

-- The same anonymous person

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