Case of misaligned priorities !

This is what Israel does:
Israel Takes Vengeance for Severed Head

And this is what we do:
India accuses Bangladesh of war crimes
when this happened:
16 Indian soldiers killed and mutilated

And what did we do when this happened?
Captain Saurabh Kalia, Indian Army

Ramdhaari Singh Dinkar once said:
तलवार गला तकली सॅत जहॉ गढते हैॅ
शोणित के बदले अश्रु जहॉ बहते हैॅ
वो देश कभी स्वतॅत्र नही रहता है।

We really need to ask ourselves today: where did we go wrong?


Piyush said…
There 's more
1) We fight a war with our pakistan without declaring one...more than 600 lives lost and then we call the murderer dictator to agra...ones again only to be humiliated.
2) thousands die in Bhopal gas tragedy and still CBI refered to the case against Warren Anderson (then Union carbide chief) as negligence not amounting to
read this

and this is not all ...infact just the tip of the ice berg
Jaya said…
To complete the Dinkar's line -

"Chheenta ho koi swatwa aur tu tyag tap se kaam le yeh paap hai,
Punya hai vichchhinna kar dena use, badh raha teri taraf jo haath hai."

(Reminds me of those newsgroup discussions on Kashmir Problem :-) Old days...)
abhaga said…
In general I agree with u piyush. At times, there are political and other types of compulsions but in any case, making sure that ur soldiers are treated respectfully in both life and death is utmost important and should never be compromised with !!
Priyendra said…
Yeah, it is frustrating to see other nations reacting so strongly to provocations while we tend to be apologetic even while taking revenge for the gravest of crimes. Maybe it has something to do with our civilizational character - throughout history India has been at the recieving end of attacks, betrayals, injustices but we never attacked other countries. On an intellectual level, I feel happy to be a citizen of such a country. On a more practical level, I get frustrated - especially since most people take our patience/tolerance to be cowardice.

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