Procrastination ...

... is the art of keeping up with tommorow. -- Don Marquis

The arch nemesis of most of the students and working ppl is procrastination. The problem is more prominent if u are somebody like me whose major interaction with the world happens through a PC. The web is an infinite source of distractions and some of them are infact very rewarding also in some sense. But still the problem remains and so remains that guilty feeling of having wasted yet another day on things we were not supposed to do. Well here is a site that deals with the problems in detail, let's u calculate some numbers indicating the level of problem and even suggests some remedies to keep it in check (nothing very novel there). So next time u want to kill some time, kill it in finding out how not to kill it :D. I love ironies :)

And here is my favourite quote from the ever wise Douglas Adams:

"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."


Pallavi said…
Yeah procrastination is my friend too.. but heck am trying to beat this buddy of mine... :) by trying to get one on it LOL

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