Update !!

Owing to the increased activity levels in other parts of life, looks like the next few days just like the last few days are going to be rather blog-free for me. But I can atleast give a quick update on some of the interesting things that I have been upto.
It is my firm believe that the only activity worth pursuing ona rainy day is to sit in a chair with lots of food and nice books and just look at the rain as it falls. And since it has been raining for first 3 days of the week here, u can guess what I have been upto. Sadly, there is no arrangement of food in my little blackhole, hence I am forced to move my lazy butt after a while. Still I have managed to achieve the following:
Books: Finished "जिन्दगी मुस्करायी" and "Train to Pakistan". First one is a collection of essays by कन्हैयालाल मिश्र 'प्रभाकार'. It is not what I would like to call popular reading but I found it quite interesting. Abut the second one, I started it long ago and got kinda bored after first few pages. But now that I have finished it, I liked it. The novel picks up as it progresses and draws a compelling picture of times of partition before our eyes.

"Fahrenheit 911": documentary about Bush. Its good though obviously biased.
"Sound of Music" : Nice lightweight movie. Music is good and very catchy. I found the last part of movie just hanging like a tail though. Movie should have finished right when the lead couple gets married but I came to know that the movie is based ona real story and so they had to show it all.
"Primal Fear" : The more I see of Edward Norton, the more my liking for him increases. "Fight Club", "American History X" and now "Primal Fear", he simply blows me off in each one of them.
"Mystic River" : Very tense and dark movie. Weak storyline but this movie is more about the characters rather then the suspense. Great performances by all the main actors.

Luckily, no disappointments in the 3 days :). I'll be back soon.


Ravi Handa said…
Hey... try catching "THE SCORE" Ed, Deniro, Brando.. it doesnt get bigger than that. The movie is not as good as Fight Club, American History X, etc. but do watch it for the amazing star-cast. Ed steals the show between such seasoned actors... Now thats what I call talent.
Unknown said…
Sound of Music' is fun .
Edward Norton is bond types. Fight Club", "American History X", "Primal Fear all of them rock!
Anonymous said…
hey, came here via the nedstat links..
you have a g8 blog here...
and you are from Lucknow..
now thats something.. i lived there half my life..
dont see many bloggers from there..
good to see you..
will come again.
abhaga said…
Handa: suggestion duely noted. Right now I have managed to get ESoSM. Will watch it in a day or two.
Richa: Thanks a lot !! This is a low activity period but will be over soon :). Stay around till then !!

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